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Man supernaturally receives new discs in his back!
For five years Jeremy claimed that he was unable to function in normal activities of daily living such as,  not being able to ride a bus or in a car without severe pain any chair was painful to sit in.  During worship a word of knowledge was given, and Jeremy received his healing.  Brand new discs straight from heaven!
 Now, His back functions completely perfect.  
No more pain.


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On September 10, 2016, at the Eyes and Wings Conference, Christine and Darlene both were healed and filled with joy!  Christine who had 10 foot surgeries, suffered from pain off and on since 2015 from a stretched ligament.  Christine also had pain in her back, shoulders, and neck all due to an out of alignment sciatica. Darlene, who had 9 years of pain in her knees and hips and claimed that on a scale of one to ten her pain level was a five, were BOTH HEALED  and are completely PAIN FREE!