Unbelievable…PRAISE REPORT:
I was preaching on Psalm 72:8 at OPEN THE FLOODGATES for just 10 minutes…when God broke in & asked me to call out this young girl who was full of cancer & suddenly all of heaven came down. God filled her full of His Spirit & His love & instantly all her pain left. What happened following was amazing. Under that anointing she then joined me in praying for all the sick for the next 2 1/2 hours & 100% of them received healing. GOD HEALED THEM ALL!!!

The fire of God’s love filled the people as we prayed and was so strong that each received deep inner healing at the same time. Many were in tears and as God transformed them from the inside out …explaining later that they had never experienced His tangible presence like that before.

Two Pastors following the meeting said they had never seen in Canada such a move of God where all were healed.

Please pray for us and spread the word…As a result we are now into Extended Meetings …Starting Tonight… at 7pm
Please note – MOVING TO LARGER VENUE: Hopewell Worship Centre – 1700 Kramp Rd. Breslau (Kitchener/Waterloo area), ON

From, Pastor Mark Redner