How do we create an atmosphere of praise, in our home? in our work place? in our hearts?
What are some keys to connecting with God, even in the middle of our most difficult time?
Ask Holy Spirit.   I believe there is new revelation and new thoughts about to be unveiled in your heart!
Praise, Worship, Glory: Created Praise Scripture: Hebrews 13:15, Psalm 22:25, Isa 57:18-19 (NASB)
I always thought that a sacrifice of praise was something I had to do… “NO MATTER how I feel right now, I’M JUST GONNA PRAISE!” It’s a concept that says any old praise works for God. Yes, there are times we don’t feel like praising – so then what? The word sacrifice becomes a burden to us. In all honesty we feel like saying, ”What, you want me to give up that?” or “I’m not sure I can praise you right now?” Then, we resign ourselves to “give it a try”.
Isaiah 57:19 says that He creates the praise. Therefore, the sacrifice becomes the “fruit of our lips”. It doesn’t have to be a lot of words, it just means that what He births inside us, comes out bearing fruit. So we don’t have to dredge up praise, all we have to do is ask God to create the praise in us.
I was feeling discouraged and very tired,  letting everything that I was feeling affect my perspective on life. I began to discuss it with someone else and they were feeling the same. It was  cloud of oppression I carried that intensified as I thought and talked about it …I felt like saying (with a sigh)…”Well… let’s give a sacrifice of praise…maybe something will change”. I’m not sure I even believed I had any praise to give. But I decided to worship God anyway. As the praise rose up within me and I just had to let it out!!!   A key here is that I stepped into an atmosphere where I began to listen to the voice of God and not my inner turmoil. I declared and called out the things that were dragging me down and in its place called in the plans and purposes of God. As I did, the atmosphere changed and I felt strength inside, I felt the presence of God and suddenly there were MORE declarations and praise that rose up in me! Endless praise fostering more praise! It truly was created…I obeyed the inner voice of the Holy Spirit inside me and as I called it out MORE praise was created!
The fruit created from the praise was a lifting of the oppression and a lightness in my heart.  The problems didn’t disappear but the atmosphere changed to make room for something NEW!
Personal journaling: What have I believed about a “sacrifice of praise”? Does it line up with what God says …that He creates the praise or have I tried to “dredge” it up? What is affecting me today? I know that as I listen to the inner voice of God and not my circumstances created praise is going to rise up in me. What is being created on your lips today?