I just wanted to let you know last Wednesday at our Activate meeting at Forks Rd E. United Church, in Wainfleet, while Jeremy Droppert was leading everyone in worship songs, you were walking around the church. As you walked down the side aisle past me, you paused and turned around looking at me with a smile. You touched my shoulder gently, looked into my eyes and told me a “a double portion” was coming for me. I felt then that meant that our financial problems were over. Now I am not so sure.
As I listened to your words later on that night, I felt a true sense of knowing God and a full understanding of His love for me. Your words touched me and I felt a sense of deep inner healing. I had to leave before I could come to the front as I need healing for my legs, and I worried about it because they both have blockages and hurt when I walk. I am still believing for that healing as I believe God has sent me the parts I need and I just need to get them. I have an appointment next Tuesday at the vein specialist and I am hoping he tells me I am healed completely and there is no need of surgery!  I will let you know the test results.

But what has happened to me since that night is incredible. Ever since then I have been sleeping – all night long with no interruptions, – something that has not happened to me in well, almost 20 years. I am waking refreshed and ready for each day. I have more energy then I have had in almost forever it seems. And each morning when I test my blood sugar (I am diabetic almost 20 years now) the readings have been well within the acceptable single digit range – something else that has not happened since I found out I was diabetic. So thank you Mark for the healing I received that I was not even thinking about. It has been almost 2 hours since supper and I just tested my blood sugar again – once again single digits! Once again that has not happened since I first found out I was diabetic. I have also noticed that the cataract in my left eye does not seem so bad. Not that my eyesight is any better but the lens does not seem so scratched and blurry! So many things healed or healing – I am still in shock! Please let me say thank you, thank you, thank you Mark Redner for bringing the healing of Jesus to me, and for helping me believe that I am worthy enough to receive it.

Posted to Pastor Mark’s Facebook wall