Happy Monday to you! 🙂

I Love Monday

God said to me this morning…
“Choose to love Mondays & you choose to advance in life”

Wow …what a concept…Loving Mondays….really Lord?  …YES REALLY!


WELL GET READY FOR A NEW ATTITUDE!!!   …“I LOVE MONDAYS!”  now say it 3 times!

Then say Jesus help me!


Praying for you today to come out of those Monday blues and get off to a great start to your week …every week!

This is your day to move forward, accomplish great things for God, and be fruitful in the purpose & call on your life. Monday is your fresh start & the perfect day to shine a light into this world.     …It’s your new attitude!


Plan to get through one of the most important gates of your life… The Starting Gate

It’s Monday…Time to take over the World!