Our Friday evening service is a revival service with a regional focus. Starting at 7:00 pm, concluding at approximately 10:00 pm.  It is an evening for impartation, teaching, and prayer for healing of the sick.

You are welcome to stay as long or as short a time as you are able. If you are coming for prayer and have to leave early, please inform our pastoral staff or ministry team so you can receive prayer. We do not want anyone to miss out!



WATCH NOW!   MARCH  10  – 2017











We are taking the Friday Night Revival Meetings out to Ottawa and the surrounding regions

This past summer August 2016, churches from all over Ottawa and the region gathered for Igniting Ottawa. There were so many passionate people, from different denominations, churches and ministries who gathered Believing TOGETHER… not as an event, but as a lifestyle.

Pastors and leaders worked side by side resulting in decisions for Christ, significant healings and open doors for Jesus to be given honour, in the city . There is an increased hunger and a new momentum for awakening, revival and harvest. The time is now for Ottawa and our nation!!

There is an urgency to continue pursuing the presence of God together. Igniting Ottawa is on the move, with the purpose of spreading the fire so that every region across the city will be ignited!

The last Friday of each month Awake the Nation will partner with churches across the region to ignite Ottawa – same passion, same time, different location each month.

God is about to pour out His Spirit in such significant ways. We know that as we keep inviting the Holy Spirit the atmosphere in Ottawa and the nation IS changing !!! As Ottawa is being ignited the nation is ignited…TOGETHER.

(If you would like Igniting Ottawa, to join with you to fan the flame, and ignite hearts where you live, please email info@awakethenation.ca) #ignitingottawa



TESTIMONIES (deliverance, healings, salvation, other)                                     

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This section is for people who have been healed, set free, saved, delivered at The OASIS FRIDAY Night Outpouring Services.  Each testimony must have a beginning, a middle, and an end.  You can upload a short video of the healing or before and after photos.  Each entry must be honest and accurate.  Each entry agrees to a waiver that The Oasis is not liable for any miss information someone has posted or any photos/videos it did not post on this page.  By posting YOUR OWN testimony you are agreeing to have the information shared on this site.  Please do not post anything without the written consent of the people involved in the post.