PRAISE REPORT: God is Opening the Floodgates in Waterloo!!! God touched down and poured out His Spirit and love on us all. Thank you for your prayers! So many were set free from Chronic illnesses and chronic pain. One woman who had deformed bones from birth received a creative miracle and is now completely healed and pain free. A man suffering with severe back pain for the past 35 years is now totally healed. Backs were straightened, necks, disks, vertebra, rotor cuff, bone spurs, knees, feet, arthritis, fibromyalgia all healed and more. Amazingly almost all of them experienced levels of inner healing at the same time. It was as if God came and baptized us all in His love. Praise the Lord! …MORE MORE MORE! — at OPEN THE FLOODGATES.

From, Pastor Mark Redner