Last week we saw God miraculously touch down in a province where less than 1% are born again & desperately needed a fresh move of God.

…God came in power that actually lifted oppression, radically changed the atmosphere, & ushered in a fresh tangible hope of healing to the hopeless & broken hearted. Signs, wonders, & miracles followed one after the other. Chronic illnesses & pain disappeared in the abiding presence of God that literally came & rested in that place. Ears suddenly opened, oppression & pain disappeared. God began to heal people from head to toe, from deep inner pain & discouragement to the many parts of their body, mind & soul. Necks, shoulders, backs, hips, knees, feet, and more. Jesus came & literally set captives free. One very thin frail woman whose health had drastically deteriorated due to a ongoing chronic condition that limited the oxygen in her body, suddenly began to walk on her own for the 1st time in close to 15 years. A man whom kidneys were shutting down, with heart problems, limited strength and in much pain, did a deep knee bend and then ran for the 1st time in well over 10 years absolutely pain free. The look on his face was priceless. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

We speak to the gates of Quebec to “swing wide” … “that the King of Glory may come in!” …This is your time Quebec for a fresh move of God!!  More Lord More!!!

Thanks be to God, the many who prayed, and the team that ministered with us.