I am very proud of my good friend Mark Mark Redner for the way I saw him show grace and love in hosting these revival meetings in the Kitchener/Waterloo area. For those who have not been there you need to go. I was there last night and was very glad I drove the 6 hours to go.The people coming to these meetings are truly in the need for a touch physically and emotionally. Over 400 were there last night and the meeting went till 11:30pm, which was an early evening this week.

Mark just shines with the love of Jesus before them and hugs them and tells them that “they can come out of their wheelchairs, or that they can experience God’s healing from cancer, twisted spines and other diseases because the same God that healed him is going to heal them.”

At one time in Mark’s life he was disabled and was told that he would never walk again. He didn’t take this word as the word of the Lord and he doesn’t take it as the word of the Lord for the the people he prays for either. Mark is resilient in the face of the worse physical obstacles in a person’s life and believes they will be healed , and many of them truly are.

I love you Mark. You keep going man,

— with Kiwanda Redner and Kinburn Revival.