Pursue Intimacy
Scripture: Phil. 3:10; Jer 29:13; Psalm 25:14

The most important part of our relationship with God is our times with Him,  not all the time we may spend in prayer groups, home groups and even in the corporate setting (though they are all valuable).  It is the times where it is just us and God that we grow.  We can’t grow if we do not have time alone with God!
We have been consumed and satisfied (some maybe not so satisfied, but still consumed) with our lives.  Either way, our world is really small, focused only on the here and now, concerned with what is on our heart.   We haven’t considered what is on God’s heart!
When we don’t spend time with Him, He can’t share.  I will not know what is on my husbands heart, if I do not spend time in the quiet, just the two of us, talking, sharing, and being vulnerable with one another.
God will reveal the hidden things in the intimate times, as we wait, and listen.   Intimacy takes longer than a 2 minute prayer.  Intimacy requires our time – Sometimes God will speak, other times He will be silent…and wait.  He loves to come and rest in a place of stillness.
We want direction, we want the greater things, but the only place that will provide what we are looking for is a place of intimacy.  As we draw near, He will give us direction, and and the steps we need before we have to take them (not necessarily the whole picture) He guides us step by step.  That way we keep coming back to Him, we develop trust and relationship…and we are not overwhelmed by ALL He wants to fulfill in and through us!  This is an exciting journey!
We can’t attain what we want, and seeds will never come to fruitfulness unless we come to intimacy where there is the water of life.  Come to the river and be filled, come to the water and drink, all those who are thirsty, they WILL come…  Are you thirsty?
(inspired by Ron Mills, Sunday March 15, 2014)

Some suggestions as you pursue intimacy:
1.  Plan your time –  if you don’t plan a time, you will likely miss the times.  It could be in the car driving to work, at lunch break, before everyone else in the house is up, on your daily walk etc.
2.   Choose a quiet place – John Wesley’s mom had 19 kids – she didn’t have a quiet place, but she made one by creating a rule –  When she had a cloth over her head she was not to be disturbed.
3.  Take the time – You can plan a time, you can choose a place – but you must put it into action  – It is a discipline to take the time.
4.  Read the Word of God – This is your anchor – it may only be one verse – Stop and allow God to reveal to your heart what He is saying.
5.  Ask for Open eyes and heart – God removes the veil so we can see and hear Him.
6.  Just rest – this isn’t a time of requests – it is a time to tell God how much you love him, to be vulnerable, to tell Him what He means to you.
7.  Listen – Sit, listen to some worship or soaking music or the silence and allow Him to invade all the places in your heart with peace.  No striving!  He may or may not speak in that very moment…BUT He will speak as you persist- don’t give up!  He just loves hanging out with you.
8.  You don’t have to do it all at once – JUST START!!  🙂 the rest will follow….you will fall in love!

Remember it’s about intimacy.  It’s not about what God can do for you – or what you think you need from Him.  Intimacy is relationship, vulnerability, and transparency…and it is out of the intimacy that fruit is produced.  I believe that intimacy will give us fruit as described in Revelation 22:2  Abundant fruit, all the time!