Unlimited and Exponential

We can only live a life of godliness INSIDE the presence of God.  If we are outside, we are not changed, despite what we say or how hard we try.  But, when we go into the presence of God, into the throne room, there is a fire, and all that doesn’t belong will be burned.  We just need to present ourselves as a “a living sacrifice”.  Rom 12:1  It ‘s not about how clean we are as we go into His presence, because we would never get there.  It is only His presence that purifies!  Our requirement is to present ourselves…Open our arms and hands, in surrender, with a humble heart. The way has been made for us to enter the holiest place…The Veil has been torn!

WE are raised “up with Him, and seated (us) with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.”  Eph 2:6 (brackets, mine)

The presence of God, is where God resides, it is a place where we receive all dominion, absolute power and authority to do His will on the earth as in heaven.
If we try to have God come to us, we limit Him however, when we ascend the hill of The Lord, where He exists, He is unlimited!

We, the body of Christ, are like the ark, we carry the presence of God on the earth today.  What happens in the corporate worship setting, when all decide to enter His presence?  Our faith is connected to the faith of another in expectation for an unlimited exponential increase. As we take what we carry and live it, then are joined with those who are pursing God, the power and life that come from the throne room is exponential!!!  This makes it very exciting to come to a place of corporate worship.  Think of life in exponential.  All that you desire is multiplied, because what you are gazing on, and what captivates your heart, mind and thoughts! Imagine a body of Christ captivated by His presence all in unity, with expectation and faith.  How different would we look?


Make a choice – to worship, to go into His presence…
Access by faith – We ascend by faith.  We might not be able to see everything but that doesn’t matter.  Just like salvation is by faith, so accessing the throne room is obtained by faith.
Desire – Be captivated by only ONE.
Come near, get close – go into His space of the unlimited, where all dominion, all power and all authority reside.

“Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”  Heb 4:16 NIV